The Development of a Novel Range of High Voltage Full-Range Fuse-Links

  • Neil Davies

    Student thesis: Master's Thesis


    Traditionally manufactured 'Back-Up' fuse-links have an area of uncertainty - zones where there is no certainty that these fuses will be able to successfully interrupt the current after melting of the fuse element has begun. Advances in fuse technology have led to a new category of HV fuse-link - the 'Full Range' fuse. 'Full Range' fuses do not have this area of uncertain operation, and are able to safely interrupt all currents that cause the fuse elements to melt.
    The 'Fullran' range of HV full range fuse-links are a totally unique product and have many excellent features. However, a major drawback to the design were its unfavourable time/current operating characteristics. After introducing the various categories of HV fuse-link, this dissertation looks at the work carried out on the Fullran fuse-links as part of a Teaching Company Scheme (TCS) between the University of Glamorgan and B & S Fuses.
    The dissertation will show how the unique range of Fullran HV fuse-links have been further developed, using a completely novel arrangement of fuse-element, to produce new commercially available designs that comply with both UK and international standards. Details will be given on the initial concept of the element arrangement and the first prototype fuse-links designed using a 'multi-element bridge configuration'. The dissertation will then show the complete development process of the new designs starting with laboratory testing of the original prototypes, to shortcircuit testing of the first production designs, onto redesigns for improved performance and finally through to the certified designs.
    Other areas which were covered by the TCS programme included the introduction of 'Fullran technology' into existing B & S Fuses products and an upgrade of the company's quality and production procedures. This dissertation will show how the Fullran technology was introduced into a British Standards dimension fuse-link for use under oil and fully certified to IEC 282-1 for full-range performance. Details are also given on how production and quality procedures were upgraded to tie in with the company's drive for quality and accreditation to ISO 9002 for the manufacture of HV fuse-links.
    Also included in the dissertation is a section on mathematical modelling of the Fullran fuse using finite element analysis. This work details the investigation into using the ANSYS finite element analysis software to produce a model of a Fullran fuse-link.
    Date of AwardFeb 1997
    Original languageEnglish

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