Exploring the Impact of Digital Storytelling for Health

  • Hilary Dyer

    Student thesis: Master's Thesis


    This thesis examines the current literature and data analysed from Stories, recorded by patients and staff within the SBUHB health board locality, and reflective stories captured with staff from SBUHB, reflecting on the impacts digital stories bring to the health care environment and how we may measure these changes.

    Digital storytelling is an emerging method of collecting contextual data, with narrative medicine and the emergence of health humanities bolstering the role and importance of this method (Lang et al., 2019). Currently within health care, we rely heavily upon statistics and metrics to report whether we are performing well, for example valuing measures of waiting times, length of hospital admission or engagement with a service (Welsh Government, 2019). Metrics, often derived from questionnaires, can fail to capture the full picture of patient experience, or supply information about context and quality of care, elements often overlooked or disregarded within a medical model (Wu, 2013; Robertson and Clegg, 2017; Goodrich and Fitzsimons, 2019). Context is key to providing person-centred care, a critical element in any form of recovery (Santana et al., 2018).

    Valuing the experience of patients can help us learn more about the impact staff and organisations have on health care, providing opportunities for learning, and challenging the way care is provided to improve efficacy.
    Date of Award2023
    Original languageEnglish
    SponsorsKESSII & Swansea Bay University Health Board
    SupervisorEmily Underwood-Lee (Supervisor) & Juping Yu (Supervisor)

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