Enhanced Industrial Control Systems Security: A Knowledge-Based Approach for Mitigating Socio-Technical Risks

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


Industrial Control Systems (ICS) face growing risks from socio-technical factors, necessitating effective risk assessment methodologies and cyber security frameworks. This thesis aims to address these challenges by proposing a knowledge-based system that identifies the best-fit risk assessment methodology and cyber security framework for reducing risks to ICS. By combining domain expertise, artificial intelligence, and risk management principles, the proposed system offers a comprehensive approach to enhance ICS security and minimize vulnerabilities arising from socio-technical factors. This research contributes to the development of a robust risk management framework tailored to the unique characteristics of ICS environments, providing practitioners with valuable insights for securing critical infrastructure.
Date of Award2024
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorIan Wilson (Supervisor) & Eric Llewellyn (Supervisor)

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