What learning outcomes are achievable in online multi-level breakout rooms?

Rhian Webb, Nicky Partridge

Research output: Contribution to specialist publicationArticle


Breakout rooms (BORs) became a standard feature of digital online English language teaching and learning during the global pandemic but how successful were they? Peartree Languages and the University of South Wales (USW) undertook a BORs’ project during 1-hour webinars for 8 weeks. The reason for the project was to address feedback from over 70 hours of global pandemic webinars delivered by Peartree and USW, where 67 learners asked for further speaking opportunities. One learner’s feedback (L) stated, ‘I don't feel that there are differences if we learn English online or face-to-face. I am looking for the same objective in both learning ways’(L43). The purpose of the project was to understand different stakeholders’ perspectives of their learning from participating in BORs, which included: the learners, the facilitators, the teachers, and course designers. 23 multi-level learners, aged 18-50, from 8 different countries participated in the project together with 8 USW undergraduate TESOL students, who functioned as facilitators. Lessons were designed and taught by Peartree and assisted by a USW TESOL lecturer.
Original languageEnglish
VolumeBelfast Conference Selections
Specialist publicationIATEFL Conference Selections
PublisherIATEFL Publications
Publication statusPublished - 31 Jan 2023


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