• Christina Papagiannouli (Other)
  • Tasos Aggelopoulos (Director)
  • Yannis Didaskalou (Director)
  • Panayiota Konstantinakou (Other)
  • Matina Megla (Other)
  • Christos Tsavlidis (Other)
  • Dimitris Kapetanios (Performer)
  • Dimitris Lolis (Performer)
  • Liana Taousiani (Performer)
UBUmaterial, an Instagram performance/performative archive. Papagiannouli, C (Digital Media Dramaturg), Angelopoulos, T. & Didaskalou, G. (Directors), Konstantinakou, P. (Dramaturg), Megla, M. (Scenic and costume coordination), Kapetanios, D., Lolis, D. & Taousiani, L. (Performers). Original play translation: Zoe Samara. Re-connect Online Performance Festival 2021 (April) and Lacuna Festivals 2021 (July).

Three actors-narrators, isolated due to COVID-19’s lockdown, explore UBU Roi by Aldfred Jarry. How can rehearsals go ahead through cameras? Is it possible to explore a character at home? What does the required distance between the members of the troupe mean and is it possible to overcome it through the zoom? These and other questions PAPALANGKI theatre aims to explore with its new production, UBUmaterial.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2021

ID: 5804768