Innovation and Information

Josephine Smedley

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    The effective and efficient analysis and application of information lies at the heart of success in today's world. Historically, decisions were made based on careful research from traditional paper based sources. Nowadays, the availability of numerous paper and technological sources places greater emphasis on the analysis of the quality of information and the confirmation of its value through a consequent higher analytical skill set leading to richer overall outcomes. This chapter encourages reflection on the innovative power of information from individual and organisational perspectives. This includes ways that people explore information sources available to them, their engagement in dialogue to enhance their understanding of it, the role of technology and the application of information in various scenarios demonstrating the versatility that information provides.

    The innovative and entrepreneurial nature of information means that how we use it will continue to change to fully engage with the opportunities that our enriched information environment offers, now and in the future. The chapter considers innovation of the use of information from different perspectives with the intention of encouraging readers to reflect on their own experiences and think about their individual and organisational uses of information with a view to being creative and exploring new avenues of use. Two case studies are provided to demonstrate possible approaches - not as a definitive way ahead but more as examples of possibilities.

    The purpose was not to present findings to suggest a finalisation but more as an opening to continuing opportunities. With the innovative use of information diversifying each day through technology, there will continue to be new ways of innovating information - some of which we know, others which we don't yet know. It's the creative thinking approach that is key to being unafraid to explore and use information to best effect which is the overall finding of this chapter.

    The innovative use of information is not original. It's evident every day around us. However, with the continually changing landscape of technology, the creative and original use of its application is the key to continued entrepreneurial outcomes. This chapter provides some suggestions of the innovation use of information - certainly not a definitive list - to encourage reflection, inspire creativity and stimulate thinking with the overall aim of gaining value from information.

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    Publication statusPublished - 2016

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