"Keeping learning going" is the mantra that is echoed across the HE Sector in the UK and globally. The need for flexible learning has never been more essential in the post Corvid-19 pandemic. The press is awash with students demanding that tuition fees are returned as they consider the move to exclusive online learning has robbed them of their student experience as envisaged at the time of contract formation with their HEI.
The ability to deliver effective flexible online provision will of course be discipline dependent with some disciplines, transitioning more seamlessly to online delivery than other disciplines where e.g. physical attendance in a lab will be essential for student learning.
To that end this presentation will review whether moving online has potentially increased legal liabilities to students in relation to their contract with USW in terms of educational provision. Legal defences and remedies such as ‘Force Majeure’ will also form important discussions.
A range of TEL tools spanning the pedagogical mix that leave a digital fingerprint of what took place at the classroom 'coalface' could potentially evidence compliance with contractual promises relating to delivery, especially in the online environment
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 15 Jul 2020
EventUSW Learnng and Teachnig Conference - Pontypridd, Cardiff, United Kingdom
Duration: 14 Jul 202016 Jul 2020


ConferenceUSW Learnng and Teachnig Conference
CountryUnited Kingdom

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  • Flexible Learning, legal Responsibilities

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