Blending Securitisation and Intelligence: A Reciprocal Enhancement for Immature Fields?

Ikrom Yakubov, Linda Evans

Research output: Contribution to specialist publicationArticle


Securitisation and Intelligence have already become heterogeneous fields. Both have been and are still being scrutinised in different areas by scholars and practitioners. If the former was first suggested as an alternative analytical framework to traditional understanding of security and International Relations, then the latter area has recently emerged and aims to somehow turn multifaceted and elusive occurrence (i.e., Intelligence) into an academic discipline. Despite the fact that either of these areas remain equally compelling for scholars and practitioners, they still remain as the under-developed fields. This article aims to refine both securitisation and intelligence through blending them. To be precise, the article presents securitisation as a regular and intrinsic activity for Intelligence through which it performs two roles – Agency and Instrumentality – depending on the phases of securitisation. Thus, the main theoretical claims of this paper are: a). Securitisation process has phases – Inner and Outer; b). What constitutes a securitiser and the audience depends on these phases; c). Intelligence (i.e., Service) is a key constituent of security (all forms) related securitisation processes; d). What role performed by Intelligence in securitisation processes is utterly dependent on the phases of securitisation; e). In order to be able to determine these occurrences Intelligence and securitisation must be brought together.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages18
Specialist publicationInternational Studies Quarterly
Publication statusIn preparation - 2019


  • Intelligence, Securitisation, Securitiser, Instrumentality


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