“Art of this Place: Women Artists in Cameroon” Videofilm at Images of Black Women Film Festival, London

Florence Ayisi (Producer)

    Research output: Non-textual formDigital or Visual Products


    The research context for this project is based around a revisionist dialogue, through documentary practice, that is part of decolonising the cinematic gaze with particular reference to cultural representations of African people. It builds on a body of research that emphasises the importance of representation as both a phenomenon and a methodology for scholarly research in film production and audience hermeneutics. The film forms part of a programme of practice-based research with a wider agenda to redefine and counter cultural misrepresentations of Africa through creative documentary film practice.

    Research Imperatives

    “Women Artists in Cameroon” is an intimate documentary portrait of young women making art in contemporary Cameroon; presenting a rare glimpse into women’s diverse creative expressions in visual arts. The key concepts and thematic concerns underpinning this project include identity, subjectivity, performance, agency, (in)visibility, and the politics of representation.

    The research asks questions such as “ What does the African woman desire?” What is her vision?’ “How can she be perceived outside traditional roles?” and “How does she engage with her culture?” Answers to these questions transcend predominant media stereotypes and gender discourses about African women.

    The project aimed to explore and present another kind of visibility of African women - one that transcends predominant media stereotypes and gender discourses.The research investigates how these young artists go against the grain of negative attitudes and prejudices against women, and how such performances in documentary enhance the reality of re-presenting the self. What new meanings are created from such ‘slices of reality’, and what can such portrayals offer an audience in terms of perspectives of unimagined Africa with particular reference to women?
    Original languageEnglish
    Media of outputDVD
    Publication statusPublished - 2011


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