Sarah Wallace is a Senior Research Fellow at the Welsh Institute for Health and Social Care (WIHSC) at the University of South Wales (USW) . Sarah began her research journey at the University of South Wales; firstly completing a BSc Hons in Health and Social Care (formally Glamorgan University) in 2012, before graduating in 2018 with a PhD. Prior to returning to the University of South Wales to complete her PhD, Sarah worked as a frontline support worker within the third sector supporting women and men experiencing Domestic Violence and Abuse. Following a successful application to a WG funding stream, she later trained as an (accredited) independent domestic violence advisor (IDVA). She has also worked within a supported housing project for young people, and volunteered with the RCT youth offending service when completing her BSc.

Prior to her current role, Sarah worked as a research assistant at USW and as a research associate within CACASDE as part of the What Works Centre for Children’s Social Care. Since joining WIHSC in June 2019, Sarah has led and supported a number of research projects and evaluations across health and social care that range in size and scope.

Research interests

Sarah’s subject expertise is within the field of Domestic Violence and Abuse (DVA). She is a member of the World Organisation of Colleges and Academies Special Interest Group for Family Violence, and a trustee of the Mankind Initiative (UK charity supporting male victims of DVA). Some examples of her work in this area include:

  • A partnership with the third sector domestic abuse charity Calan DVS and colleagues at USW to develop The Compass Programme, a programme of support for male victims/survivors and an accompanying navigator-training package.
  • With colleagues at USW, she is part of a 31 country International study: IMproving Opportunities for primary Care and Advocacy for Family Violence (IMOCAFV) that seeks to develop through consensus the management of Family Violence (FV) in primary care settings.
  • In 2020, Sarah worked with Social Care Wales to curate DVA resources for professionals (in the context of Covid-19) and to update DVA social worker guidance ‘Recognising and responding to domestic violence and abuse. A quick guide for social workers’ for the Welsh context.

Sarah’s associated research interests and strengths span across health and social care. Substantive projects include:

  • The Evaluation of the  Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act 2014 – IMPACT
  • Enhancing Student Well-being through Social Prescribing
  • Evaluation of the British Red Cross Social Prescribing Service
  • Review of Evidence of Variation in Terms and Conditions for Social Care Employment Contracts in Wales

Sarah research expertise is within qualitative methodologies (including phenomenology and participatory approaches) and mixed methods. She is a trained Group Concept Mapping facilitator, with developing skills in Realist Evaluation.

ID: 901378