Research interests

The main focus of Rhian’s research explores native speakers’ knowledge about grammar. Her research shapes her lecture material.

IATEFL: International Association of Teaching English as a Foreign Language
IATEFL ReSIG: IATEFL Research Special Interest Group
TESOL: Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

November 2019: Learn English in Wales: “Grammar and the native English -speakers’ fallacy” Cardiff Metropolitan University, South Wales, UK

April 2019: IATEFL: ‘Knowledge about grammar in pre-service native English speakers’ TESOL education.’ Liverpool, UK

April 2019: IATEFL ReSIG: “What can academics learn from teacher research” Liverpool, UK

June 2018: University of South Wales Post Graduate Research Conference: Three-minute thesis (3MT), ‘“I know but I can’t explain”: The role of knowledge about English grammar in second language teacher education’, Pontypridd, UK

June 2017: University of South Wales Post Graduate Research Conference: ‘The reasons why UK native speakers have inaccurate perceptions of knowledge about grammar’, Pontypridd, UK

May 2017: University of South Wales and Cardiff Metropolitan University Research Symposium: ‘Knowledge about grammar: perception, reality and the impact of a pragmatic instructional approach in pre-service TESOL education’, Cardiff, UK

May 2017: IATEFL ReSIG: ‘Levels and perceptions of pre-service native and non-native speakers’ knowledge about grammar’, Istanbul, Turkey

April 2017: IATEFL: ’Helping pre-service native UK TESOL teachers with knowledge about grammar’, Glasgow, UK

June 2016: IATEFL ReSIG: ‘The role of teachers’ knowledge about grammar in weak and strong communicative language TESOL teaching’, Istanbul, Turkey

June 2016: University of South Wales Post Graduate Research Conference: ‘Knowledge about grammar: implications for pre-service TESOL education’, Pontypridd, UK (awarded first prize for best presentation)

April 2016: IATEFL: ‘Knowledge about grammar its impact on development of pedagogical content knowledge in pre-service TESOL education’, Birmingham, UK

June 2015: IATEFL ReSIG: ‘A quantitative exploration of pre-service native English- speaking teachers’ knowledge about grammar’, Izmir, Turkey

April 2015: IATEFL: ‘A qualitative exploration of pre-service native English-speaking teachers’ knowledge about grammar’, Manchester, UK

April 2011: IATEFL: ‘Pre-service TESOL teachers undertaking peer teaching’, Brighton, UK

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