Teaching interests

I am a Graduate Sports Therapists and have worked in professional and national level sports for over 10 years. I teach all aspects of Sports Therapy from injury prevention, to clinical assessment, treatment (including manual therapy, soft tissue techniques and electrotherapy), rehabilitation and sports trauma management. I also supervise student research projects from undergraduate through to PhD level. 

Research interests

I have two main research interests. Firstly, the prevention of lumbo-pelvic-hip injuries. Secondly, predisposing factors for prolonged sports related concussion and the use of active rehabilitation in prolonged sports related concussions. 


I have worked as as Graduate Sports Therapists for over 20 years. I started working in semi-professional and academy sport before moving in to professional teams sports where I spent 10 years as Head of Rehabilitation. More recently I work with national teams supporting competition and tournaments in the UK and abroad. 

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