Research interests

Lecturer in Motion Graphics and Visual Effects. Geraint has over 10 years industry experience, and has had the pleasure of working on a wide range of projects on a variety of platforms, from multiple TV series to high-budget TV Commercials such as Clash of Kings, Nationwide, The Idle Man, AX Paris, Watchshop, Ancestry, Glasses Direct and Legoland, as well as creating social media motion graphic content for high-profile corporations such as Google, NowTV and Sky. Geraint has worked in numerous areas of the Visual Effects & Motion Graphics field; from large television production pipelines, to online digital content teams, to working with television advertising and promotional material. The diversity of these roles has given him an insight into how greatly the industry differs depending on the nature of the work at hand, with substantial experience in a vast range of areas within Visual Effects. Geraint’s technical expertise lies within After Effects, 3D and Motion Graphics, although has a working knowledge of all areas of the course.

Dinamo Productions responsible for VFX in a range of television series. Atticus Digital creating online and digital content for a large range of high profile energy organisations. Wordley Productions, responsible for creative content, visual effects, motion graphics and online/digital content for a large range of high profile television commercial campaigns. Amongst these positions, Geraint has worked on countless freelance productions ranging from TV, commercial, online, digital, motorsport, and even live projection content.
Areas of Expertise
Compositing, Motion Graphics, Digital Illustration, Camera Operating, IT Skills


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