Research interests

My current research is focused broadly on creative writing for wellbeing and to aid language acquisition for forced migrants. I am currently involved in several  projects with specific groups.

Starting in Jan 2020 the Speak to Me Project brought together a group of Syrian and Sudanese refugees to work in partners with local English speakers in a series of Creative Writing workshops.  The goal was to aid language acquisition but integration, understand and building relationships was also a result. The output was an exhibition of photos, words and the sounds of the participants.

Cafe Chit Chat is an online forum in which a group of women seeking sanctuary and studying English are partnered with native English speaking women. The group meet weekly and it is faciliated so that every voice is heard on various diverse topics including: food, friendship, childcare, celebrations.  

Walk and Talk is meets monthly and is inclusive to everyone. A group of native speakers and forced migrants who are learning English have walked and talked in the Black Mountains, in Bath and in Cardiff Bay with more excursions planned.

Teaching Interests:

In the classroom and in post graduater supervision I am interested in in the often invisible line between fiction and non fiction.  Journalism and  Writing for Media are specialist subject areas.  Narrative is also an interest: who is telling the story?    Research interests are focused on creative writing and creativity for well-being.

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