Research areas

  • QH301 Biology - Conservation Biology
  • QL Zoology - Mammals, Birds, Camera traps, Endangered species, Invasive species, Remote sensing, Ecology

Research interests

My work is broadly focussed on conducting research that increases our understanding of species-specific and community ecology. I use field studies and historical data, along with R code and GIS software, to answer robust questions related to species distributions, community ecology, habitat selection, anthropogenic impacts. My work has implications for and informs conservation and management processes, policy, and commercial enterprises.

Teaching interests

I currently teach across one undergraduate and one postgraduate course at USW.

Module leader

  • GE2S008 Biodiversity & Biogeography
  • GE2S017 Research Methods in Natural History
  • GE3S009 Mediterranean Field Expedition
  • ES4S011 European Field Expedition

Module contributor

  • BI3D104 BSc Project
  • GE0S04 Foundation in Natural History
  • GE1S008 Observational Field Work
  • GE1S010 Natural History
  • GE2S015 Natural History Field Course
  • ES4H001 Environmental Management & Legislation
  • ES4S009 Restoration Ecology
  • ES4S010 Terrestrial and Aquatic Conservation
  • ES4T001 MSc Project

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