Research interests

Thus far, my main interests have been focussed around the problems – and possibilities – generated by the growth of towns and cities in the late eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. What was it like living in the slums of the Victorian industrial city? Can we, as historians, ever know? How did Victorians try to deal with the problems of urban poverty, disease and disorder? How effective were the attempts to ‘civilize’ the urban settlements?

Current research activity

I am currently in the ways in which the hunger and distress that could accompany lengthy industrial disputes in the late Victorian period was understood by contemporaries. On a different matter, I’m also writing a book about the social history of Barry Island as the ‘Playground of South Wales’. These, and other related questions, are currently keeping me awake at night.

Teaching interests

Module leader for:

HS1S008 Crime, vice and ‘lowlife’ in Victorian Britain


HS2S60 Poor Lives: Poverty, Welfare and History


HS3S033 Frontiers: A Global History

(with an especial emphasis on the American West)

ID: 25124