Research interests

Broadly, my research interests lie in the field of Anglo-American poetry, especially 20th century (mainly postwar) poetics, and women’s writing. I am particularly interested in the construction of voice and identity, and in the relationship between poetry and place, as represented in the work of the later twentieth century woman poet, especially in Wales, but also in Scotland and Ireland. I am also interested in letters and letter-writing, and in the nature of literary influence. My graduate work was concerned with postwar American poetics.

Research supervision:

I would be interested in supervising graduate research on a range of questions concerning late 19th, 20th and/or 21st century British and/or American poetry and poetics. These might include, but need not be confined to, issues raised by the work of British, American, Irish, Scottish and/or Welsh women poets and women’s poetry; poetry and influence; women poets and the tradition; poetry and performance; the poetic voice and ventriloquism; poetry and domesticity; poetry, gender and nationhood; and women’s poetry in Wales 1900-present. If you would like to discuss a research proposal informally and/or in confidence, please feel free to contact me.

Current research activity:

Since the publication of A History of Twentieth Century British Women’s Poetry (CUP 2005) co-authored with Jane Dowson, I have been examining the poetry of women writers based, variously, in Scotland and Wales. A critical monograph, Poetry, Geography,Gender: Contemporary women rewriting Wales’ was published by University of Wales Press in 2013; I am also working on a detailed critical study of the bi-lingual Welsh poet Gwyneth Lewis, co-editing an anthology of Welsh ‘Modernist’ poetries with a colleague at Swansea University, and co-authoring a critical-creative response to the work of Irish poet and novelist Ciaran Carson with Dr Kevin Mills, a colleague on the English Literature team at Glamorgan.

Research output

  1. Writing the Size of Wales

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  2. Rapture and Reprisal: Sex, text, intertext

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