About us

We are a large multidisciplinary faculty with strong research capacities across the subject range, and a significant number of research centres and units. It is home to three complementary schools: the School of Computing and Mathematics, the School of Engineering and the School of Applied Sciences.

Our mission is to improve the relevance of our research and its impact on people’s lives, particularly in the priority areas of environment, economy, and wellbeing policy; this incorporates dissemination, teaching and understanding.


Engaging with industry

The Faculty has a proud tradition of collaboration with the commercial sector through projects supporting technology transfer and applied research work.

It has formed excellent industrial links, working with companies like TATA Steel, Fujitsu, IBM, British Telecom, Orange, Welsh Government, Network Rail, Ordnance Survey and ESRI.


High quality standards

The Faculty receives national recognition for its work in information security, mobile applications and services, and power and automotive systems engineering.


School of Applied Sciences 

School of Computing and Mathematics

School of Engineering


Sustainable Environment Research Centre


Centre for Automotive and Power Systems Engineering

The Centre for Automotive & Power Systems Engineering (CAPSE) is a nationally recognised independent research, development, test and certification house. We have a reputation for cutting edge research and knowledge transfer activities within the advanced automotive and power systems engineering sectors.


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