Wonderbrass: creating a participatory community through music.

Impact: Cultural impacts, Social impacts, Quality of life impacts

Description of impact

• The impact has been spread over the past 25 years but in the last 5 years I would cite participation in the London 2012 cultural Olympiad, the BBC Radio 3 broadcasts that accompanied this project, our commission in 2014 of three new works which were performed at festivals around Wales, our staging in 2015 of an open weekend in Torfaen borough where new people were invited to come and work with the band and which resulted in a performance in Cwmbran, our participation in the community carnivals of 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 (run by South Wales Intercultural Community Arts), our participation in Pride August festival and parade 2015 and 2016, our participation in St David’s Day parades in Cardiff every one of the last 5 years including this March.

How did your research contribute?

My research led to published outputs, recordings and numerous performances of specially created compositions, and my leadership and training of the band.

Who is affected?

Band members, their families, promoters, audiences, USW students.
Impact date1 Jan 20121 Jun 2017
Category of impactCultural impacts, Social impacts, Quality of life impacts
Impact levelIn progress