USW Impact Award Nomination (Social Impact) 2018

Impact: Social impacts

Description of impact

The Flipped University: Bringing together Higher Education (HE) and the football industry in contributing 30,000 hours of student voluntary work to enhance the societal impact of Community Trust Initiatives.
The Football Association (FA) released its coaching strategy, Developing World Class Coaches and Players with the primary aim of ensuring coaches were active and supporting coaching in educational settings.
A FA commissioned report stated there were too few qualified coaches and the practice of coaching and the content of coach education were not closely aligned, and that there were too few opportunities for coaches to receive the ongoing mentoring and support required to assist them in being able to adapt their practice to the specific needs of the groups of players they work with.
The University of South Wales (USW) embarked upon a partnership with the EFL Trust (for more information see to develop a Foundation Degree in Community Football Coaching and Development (FDCFCD) in 2013/14. The degree programme is delivered through a process of blended learning, which combines traditional face-to-face learning with web-based online learning. It enables students to access HE through local Community Trust Initiatives (CTIs) and also means that local communities benefit from the delivery of multi-sport programmes (in 2016/17, students provided in excess of 30,000 voluntary hours).
The programme is designed to develop the community football workforce with the CTIs being the primary beneficiary supporting them in delivering their respective strategic plans.
In our 2017 evaluation, 80.49% of graduates gained employment as a direct result of the course demonstrating the successful impact of the delivery method.

Our collaborative approach has facilitated the delivery of participation sport initiatives (see section 7) across many of the ‘hard to reach’ communities in England and Wales (see external partner details for locations).
The knowledge of the staff in collaboration with the skills of the media specialists have developed excellence in producing industry standard on-line materials resulting in the USW team working with the Football Association of Wales Trust to develop an eLearning delivery approach for its coach education programme.

Who is affected?

Primarily the application of this nomination form outlines the impact of our students and their contribution towards the output of Community Trust Initiatives.
Impact date1 Sep 20141 Jun 2018
Category of impactSocial impacts
Impact levelIn progress