Supporting Women's Enterprise in the UK: The Economic Case

    Impact: Economic impacts

    Description of impact

    The report documents the increasing importance of women owned businesses to the UK economy and particularly the economies of the devolved nations, both in terms of increased contribution to Gross Value Add (GVA) and especially to employment. It responds to the established need for greater and more robust data and indicators in this area.

    How did your research contribute?

    Contributed to the research team led by the University of Portsmouth, Federation of Small Business (FSB) and Women's Enterprise Scotland (WES). The research drew upon the findings of the Women Adding Value to the Economy (WAVE) project.

    Who is affected?

    Researchers and research bodies, Government Departments, Business Support Organisations and Female Entrepreneurs in the UK and beyond.
    Impact date15 Dec 2017Nov 2018
    Category of impactEconomic impacts
    Impact levelClosed