Studies on the Creative Industries

  • Zheng Liu (Participant)
  • Yu, Jiang (Participant)


    Description of impact

    Granted with the Dean’s Research Fund, this is my current research project. In the past 20 years, creative industry has developed rapidly due to technology advancement. Large western firms have internal capability of innovation, whereas SMEs are seeking strategies through open innovation and policy support. While literature has provided frameworks of open innovation and triple helix, this study will adopt qualitative methods to explore the interaction among the two theories. Focusing primarily on Chinese firms, it will also compare the process with the industry in U.K.: 1) to identify the macro-environmental factors for creative industry innovation system, including technological and policy impacts; 2) to analyse innovation activities in different stages of values chain, including product conceptualization, production, and character business/service, exploring how open innovation is conducted among industry, university and government; 3) to compare the innovation system of creative industry. The research based on my previous studies on creative industry (my Ph.D and post-doc projects), and will continuously contribute to this industry in terms of theory and practice.
    Impact levelIn preparation