Storytelling for health

Impact: Public policy impacts, Quality of life impacts, Social impacts

Description of impact

- the growth of a community of practice
- digital patient storytelling within Swansea Bay Health Board has become the mainstream methodology for listening to patients
- over 200 stories have been produced
- These stories have enabled us the prevention of incidents escalating to formal complaints and reduced the number of court cases, transformed incident reporting, improved training in end of life care and provided patient and staff views on various issues such as perinatal mental health, family witnessed resuscitation and visiting hours. Other stories also shared best practice in areas such as pressure ulcer prevention, dementia care and responding to never events.
-improved the quality of the training and increased the transference of learning into practice

How did your research contribute?

My research underpinned a change in culture. I also created training that has been implemented across the health board as well as with other Welsh and English health boards.

Who is affected?

Staff at Swansea Bay University Health Board
Patients within Swansea Bay University Health Board
Health Board staff and patients across England and Wales
Impact date20162019
Category of impactPublic policy impacts, Quality of life impacts, Social impacts