Etee: One Virtual Reality Motor Rehabilitation Project for Post-Stroke Survivors

Impact: Quality of life impacts, Social impacts

Description of impact

Our project developed one virtual reality-based motor rehabilitation technology and product. This project started in 2019 and was collaborated between Dr Biao Zeng and his external partner TG0, one VR company in London. After two years R&D, they have finished the prototype design and feasibility test. This project has offered a cost-effective and family-friendly rehabilitation solution for post-stroke supervisors. In particular, during the COVID-19 pandemic period, most post-stroke survivors could not access regulation intervention and rehabilitation resources and services. Ultimately, this project offers a home-based and intervention product and shows business innovation and vigour of USW research. The collaboration between USW and TG0 enable our business partner to shape their future R&D routines and business vision.

Impact date2019
Category of impactQuality of life impacts, Social impacts
Impact levelIn progress