Defining gambling harm as a public health concern

Impact: Social impacts, Public policy impacts

Description of impact

The Addictions Research Group is working closely with policy makers, and key stakeholders to inform the debate around gambling harm as a public health concern. Our research aims to provide evidence to policy makers and provide potential solutions to service providers.

How did your research contribute?

The Addictions Research Group worked with 5 Welsh Assembly Members to produce a study looking at the social impact of gambling. The project was overseen by a steering group consisting of AMs’ representatives, Alcohol Concern and Citizen’s Advice. The research has had swift impact that has moved from Wales to the UK as a whole, with clear international potential in the near future.

Since the publication of the report in November 2017, our research has been raised in a Welsh Government debate about health inequalities; a cross party group has been set up (with ARG as invited members) by Welsh Government to develop a response to the problem; a gambling debate led by Jane Bryant, AM, on 29th November was based around ARG’s report, extensively citing the findings and conclusions of the research; the report was distributed to Welsh Labour MPs in Westminster. On the back of this, 2 members of the ARG have given evidence to the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Fixed Odds Betting Terminals in the Palace of Westminster (The aim of this APPG group was to “take evidence from leading figures in the debate” in preparing a response to the UK Government’s consultation on proposals for changes to Gaming Machines and Social Responsibility Measures).

Who is affected?

The main beneficiaries of this research are those at risk of gambling related harm. The lives of relatives and friends of people are also affected by those experiencing gambling related harm. Identifying the needs, experiences and treatment available to those experiencing or at risk of gambling related harm will ultimately help in designing tailored interventions, support, harm reduction advice and treatment for problematic gamblers.
Category of impactSocial impacts, Public policy impacts