Cyber Resilience –an Affordable Solution to Deliver Phishing Awareness Training for Small/Medium scale organisations in Wales


Description of impact

Phishing is the number one cause of cybersecurity breaches. It is linked to 90% of security breaches and incidents over the last twelve months. Typically, a Phishing simulation and exercise platform can cost several thousands of pounds, and many small and medium scale business are simply unable to cover these costs. The idea behind developing a similar and effective free alternative, that not only identifies those employees at risk of clicking phishing emails, but also offering an industry standard interactive training package (with English and Welsh Narration) to enhance their awareness of Phishing attacks and protect against them. The product is branded with the title “Not2Phish”. The solution offers an online phishing awareness training with quizzes and reporting tailored to specific organisations, as well as a simulation feature with real world-based scenarios.

How did your research contribute?

This work will lead to a change in attitude for business employees, who will become better equipped to understand the threat posed by Phishing emails, how to spot and avoid being caught out by them, and what to do when they receive a Phishing email.

Who is affected?

Small and Medium Scale business and general public in Wales
Impact levelIn progress