Civic impact of ‘Our Place’ an evaluation of a community-based parenting group.

Impact: Social impacts

Description of impact

Establishment of lasting strategic partnerships.

How did your research contribute?

Strategic partnerships have evidenced regional impact by including a wide range of stakeholders throughout the course of this project, such as charities, third sector organisations and health visitors. This links in with the University of South Wales’ 2030 strategy ambition to ‘engage with partners to maximise impact on their endeavours’ by establishing strategic synergic partnerships with an overarching aim of accelerating high impact research in health and wellbeing. Furthermore, this project reflects national impact by addressing key action points described in A Healthier Wales: Our Plan for Health and Social Care (Worthington et al, 2020). Findings of the evaluation support the theme ‘Determinants of health’ (Worthington et al, 2020) by providing evidence-based findings to promote a wider adoption of community integrated effective interventions, resulting in future improvements to health and wellbeing. In terms of international impact, the project exemplifies the importance of a sustained longer term support programme and how social capital can be improved through arts-based interventions which are lacking internationally

Who is affected?

Partners include:
- Parents and children attending the group
- Intervention facilitators
- Artis
- Cadenza (a multi-agency social enterprise driving social change)
- Big Lottery
- Children in Need
- Moondance
- Awards for All
- local health and social care representatives (health visitors, counsellors, first aid trainers, housing association).
Impact date20182021
Category of impactSocial impacts
Impact levelIn progress