Civic impact of ‘Our Place’ an evaluation of a community-based parenting group.

Impact: Social impacts

Description of impact

Increased social capital and health and wellbeing improvements to a community.

How did your research contribute?

The Our Place project has achieved an impact on Health and Wellbeing outcomes on many levels for the families, such as reduced depression and anxiety, improved confidence, social and cognitive development and building social capital. The parents say they are now able to make better life choices for themselves and their families and are more likely to seek further education and employment. Another impact has been on health literacy as well as a young mum who could not read being taught to read with her child.
The evaluation of this project has provided an evidence-based understanding of the success of this programme, such as the peer-led element, 3 strand approach and arts-based components. This has been fed back to service providers creating a change in understanding of what supports a successful health and wellbeing intervention. Artis who run the project will use the evaluation findings to inform design, delivery, and evaluation of subsequent projects.

Who is affected?

Parents and children who attended the group and their surrounding communities.
Impact date2018
Category of impactSocial impacts
Impact levelIn progress