Change by Design, Understanding what is Advocacy and creating a greater awareness amongst young people and the general public and possible users.

Impact: Social impacts

Description of impact

This year fist year Graphic Communication students have been given a fantastic opportunity to work with TGP Cymru , where they worked to create an awareness of Advocacy for young people in line with the new National Statutory Framework.
They meet with “Nasa” a group of young people from across wales to see and hear the young people’s voices and embark on this exciting journey to get their voice heard.
Young people from all across Wales to came together for the day to have a voice in the development of advocacy services for young people in Wales. From this the young people’s group wanted to use social media to tell other young people abut advocacy. They also told us they wanted more people to know about Advocacy! Improvement in advertising!

Within this module we find projects that students can use design to make a real difference. Students worked along side the charity to create a number of exciting solutions and possibilities which feed into the young people’s feedback from their away day at the University.
A few students will undertaking a placement with the charity to make this happen. But all the students have been invited to the welsh assembly to exhibit the work for the launch with the young people from Wales and TGP Cymru

How did your research contribute?

The University worked closely with the TGP Cymru to understand the initial issues, the young people group then met and fed into the briefing with the team. This was then given to all the 1st year students as part of their Change by Design module. The module ran for 6 weeks and the stakeholders came in to present to the students and then to follow up on the interim crit and finally to take part in their presentation and pitching of concepts.

Who is affected?

TGP Cymru, their team, NASA young people’s group for Advocacy, which included young people and their representatives and University South Wales 1st year students
Impact date12 Mar 201912 Nov 2019
Category of impactSocial impacts