Shimmer3 GSR+ (Galvanic Skin Response) unit

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      The Shimmer3 GSR+ (Galvanic Skin Response) unit is used for real time GSR Biofeedback and can be used in conjunction with Tobii Pro Lab and E-Prime Software. It provides connections and preamplification for one channel of Galvanic Skin Response data acquisition (Electrodermal Resistance Measurement - EDR/Electrodermal Activity (EDA). The GSR+ unit is suitable for measuring the electrical characteristics or conductance of your skin, as well as capturing an Optical Pulse/PPG (Photoplethysmogram) signal and converting to estimate heart rate (HR), using the Shimmer ear clip or optical pulse probe. It is located in TRB121 on the first floor of the Brecon Building on the Treforest Campus CF37 1DL.


      NameA Shimmer3 GSR+ Unit
      Acquisition date1/01/21
      NameItem Serial number: FCCID T9J-RN42 IC:6514A-RN42 BT RADIO ID D351
      NameLocation: TRB121 Brecon Building, Treforest Campus


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