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    Contribution to ebook "#NobodyToldMe the Truth About Down's Syndrome". Circulated to 500+ maternity units to promote positive experiences and perceptions of people with Down's Syndrome. My contribution is a paragraph about my experience as a sibling of a sister who has Down's Syndrome, alongside a paragraph by my sister about our relationship. The piece is accompanied by a series of photographs of us growing up together.

    Period1 Jul 2020

    Media contributions


    Media contributions

    • Title#NobodyToldMe the Truth About Down's Syndrome
      Degree of recognitionInternational
      Media name/outletPositive About Down's Syndrome (PADS)
      Media typeWeb
      Country/TerritoryUnited Kingdom
      Description#NobodyToldMe A collection of personal experiences written by young people with Down syndrome, their friends and family.
      #NobodyToldMe challenges outdated perceptions and attitudes towards those with Down syndrome by showing the reality of our lives.
      Producer/AuthorNicola Enoch
      PersonsBeth Pickard, Sara Pickard


    • down's syndrome
    • awareness
    • positive
    • maternity
    • diagnosis
    • lived experience
    • disability
    • stigma