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Performances/workshops/recordings and videos exploring participants’ experiences of rehearsing performing and recording with Wonderbrass over 25 year history of band (1992-2017).

Research Imperatives

To revisit musical styles and compositions from Wonderbrass’ archives and create new music and compositions taking forward these revisted musical experiences through the content, structure and context of live and recorded performance; to fuse past forms of music played by the band with new digital recordings and performance practices; to share knowledge and experience of past and present members through creative exchanges between participants, composers, music producers and audiences. This is a project researching creative participation in a community music project.

Research Outputs

Community-music workshop programmes and thematic performances and recordings (CD and vinyl). Digital archive of band’s history told through members’ experiences, lodged with Peoples’ Archive Wales as well as short films being available on YouTube via band’s website http://www.wonderbrass.org.uk/project/wb25-the-documentary-videos/ . One interview from project recorded by BBC Radio 4 The Listening Project and British Library? Broadcast on BBC Radio Wales in December 2019 and 2020 and BBC Radio 4 (forthcoming).
Engagement with Wider (Research?) Community includes: Nick Briggs and Claude Deppa (composers), Laurence Hall(film-maker), presentation at USW, performances at The Gate Arts Centre, Cardiff.
Iaith wreiddiolSaesneg
Cyfrwng allbwnMixed
StatwsCyhoeddwyd - 30 Medi 2019

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