Transmedia, Authorship, Design and World-Building

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    Transmediation utilises a variety of delivery channels to disperse or unfurl correlative content from the same storyworld. It considers and applies the appropriateness and potential of each platform, and intentionally invites further audience engagement across the transmediated experience. So when building then a transmediated correlative storyworld the transmedia practitioner considers a cononic coherence (Dena, 2009, p. 6) for the transmedia development of the project.

    For the transmedia author this presents a multitude of creative opportunities in considerations for storyworld building and engagement dispersal in regards to the design of what content is chosen for each artefactual expression, why and how the content correlates, and explores questions about the potential correlative communication styles of each distinct mediated expression as each idea permeates the world’s “grand mix” (Dudley, 1984, p. 38)

    The aims of this paper are to propose a framework for designing a set of adaptive principles which engender approaches for the consideration of the canonic authorship of transmedia creative content development, utilising comics as a lens to explore ways of considering medium potential, storyworld building, and the authoring of transmedia universes.

    Dena, Christy (2009) Transmedia Practice: Theorising the Practice of Expressing a Fictional World across Distinct Media and Environments. [Online]. Available at: (Accessed: 14 March 2013).
    Dudley, Andrew. (1984) Concepts in film theory. Oxford : Oxford University Press.


    CynhadleddJoint International Conference of Graphic Novels, Comics and Bande Dessinées
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