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  • Yukun Hu
  • Chee Tan
  • John Niska
  • Nazmiye Balta-Ozkan
  • Jahedul Chowdhury
  • Liz Varga
  • Paul Roach
  • Chunsheng Wang
With increasing concerns about CO2 emissions, efficient and environmentally friendly combustion technologies are urgently needed to update conventional combustion technologies. The steel reheating process is energy intensive, with the reheating furnace accounting for one third of the energy consumption of steel manufacturing. To explore the feasibility of flameless oxy-fuel combustion technology on the reheating furnace, a trial was conducted on the pilot-scale reheating furnace at MEFOS, Sweden. To further identify the thermal performance of the reheating furnace under this unconventional combustion technology, a zone-method based model was developed to simulate the flameless oxy-fuel combustion trial. The developed model has been validated with comprehensive experimental data collected during an instrumented slab heating period. The results suggest that the model predictions were in good agreement with the actual measurements. Thermal performance analysis reveals that the conventional reheating furnace is theoretically suitable for oxy-fuel retrofitting.
Iaith wreiddiolSaesneg
TeitlDEStech Transactions on Environment, Energy and Earth Sciences
Is-deitl2018 International Conference on Energy, Ecology and Environment (ICEEE 2018) November 21-25, 2018, Melbourne Australia
Man cyhoeddiLancaster, Pennsylvania
Nifer y tudalennau4
ISBN (Argraffiad)978-1-60595-590-2
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StatwsCyhoeddwyd - 1 Chwef 2019
Digwyddiad2018 International Conference on Energy, Ecology and Environment : Pathways for sustainable energy transition - Swinburne Institute of Technology, Melbourne, Awstralia
Hyd: 21 Nov 201825 Nov 2018

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ISSN (Argraffiad)2475-8833


Cynhadledd2018 International Conference on Energy, Ecology and Environment
Teitl crynoICEEE2018

ID: 3126945