The use of pencil lasers in the assessment of joint repositioning

Peter McCarthy

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Joint repositioning is a simple task to perform, however reliable assessment can be difficult in a clinical setting, especially when a degree of accuracy is required. Many of the problems performing such assessment arise from the everyday complexity of the equipment or methodology; furthermore you do not wish to inconvenience the patients too much. In addition, the findings from such tests often require some interpretation as there are often many possible things that could produce a similar outcome, or that could go wrong. This article (and presentation) aim to help critically evaluate the role for this type of testing and factors to be appreciated during interpretation.
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StatwsCyhoeddwyd - 3 Mai 2008
Digwyddiad European Chiropractors' Union Convention - Brussels, Belgium
Hyd: 3 Mai 20083 Mai 2008


Cynhadledd European Chiropractors' Union Convention

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