The sustainability of Policing Domestic Abuse: Insights from Wales and Australia

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The scale of domestic abuse and violence is one which is outline by the World Health Organization as a worldwide problem. Upon
reflection of the widespread and seriousness of the problem, the
European commission (2010:5) have claimed that “domestic violence is a high priority for the European Union”. In response to this, the UK Government, like many others across the continent, have stated that “domestic violence and abuse is unacceptable and addressing the issue is a priority for the government” (Gov, 2016b, Online). This viewpoint appears to be widely accepted and encouraged by many, for example, within all of 43 Home Office police forces in England and Wales (HMIC, 2014). This article will aim to critically debate the extent of this commitment, and question what impact austerity has had on the sustainability of policing domestic abuse. In addition, this article will aim to question whether these measures have outweighed, and
overlooked the risks posed to victims of domestic abuse in the UK, and Australia.
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Tudalennau (o-i)16 - 21
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CyfnodolynAustralasian Journal of policing
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StatwsCyhoeddwyd - 1 Tach 2017

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