The status of industrial vegetable oils from genetically modified plants.

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This report aims to address the following five key topics:A. To explain the technological advantages and industrial relevance behind the geneticmodification of plant oilsB. To highlight chemical and biological differences of oils from GMOs and non-GMOsC. To establish if it is possible to distinguish analytically between oils derived from GMOs and non-GMOsD. To provide an overview on established or possible hazards (in the context of REACH)regarding vegetable oils obtained from GMOsE. To establish whether each case should be assessed individually or whether generalconclusions can be drawn about differences between oils from GMOs and non-GMOsSeveral Appendices provide additional background information on the use of GMO oils forbiofuels and cosmetics, and on commercial and regulatory aspects of GM oil crops.
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Corff comisiynuEuropean Chemicals Agency
StatwsCyhoeddwyd - 1 Meh 2012

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