The 100 most influential manuscripts in andrology: a bibliometric analysis

Nicholas Bullock, Thomas Ellul, Adam Bennett, Martin Steggall, Gareth Brown

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As the specialty of Andrology expands it is important to establish the most important studies that have shaped, and continue to shape, current research and clinical practice. Bibliometric analysis involving a citation rank list is an established means by which to identify the published material within a given field that has greatest intellectual influence. This bibliometric analysis sought to identify the 100 most influential manuscripts in Andrology, as well as the key research themes that have shaped contemporary understanding and management of andrological conditions.

The Thompson Reuters Web of Science citation indexing database was interrogated using a number of search terms chosen to reflect the full spectrum of andrological practice. Results were ranked according to citation number and further analysed according to subject, first and senior author, journal, year of publication, institution and country of origin.

The Web of Science search returned a total of 24,128 manuscripts. Citation number of the top 100 articles ranged from 2,819 to 218 (median 320). The most cited manuscript (by Feldman et al., The Journal of Urology 1994; 2,819 citations) reported the prevalence and risk factors for erectile dysfunction (ED) in the Massachusetts Male Ageing Study. The Journal of Urology published the highest number of manuscripts (n=11), followed by the New England Journal of Medicine (n=10). The most common theme represented within the top 100 manuscripts was ED (n=46), followed jointly by hypogonadism and male factor infertility (n=24 respectively).

Erectile dysfunction should be considered the most widely researched, published and cited field within andrological practice. This study provides a list of the most influential manuscripts in andrology and serves as a reference of what comprises a ‘highly citable’ paper for both researchers and clinicians.
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StatwsCyhoeddwyd - 12 Rhag 2018

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