Sustainability of wastepaper in construction

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Application of waste paper in construction is a relatively new concept. This chapter reports work predominantly associated with wastepaper sludge ash (WSA) in a cementitious context, based on the experiences by the author of this chapter and coworkers. There is reference to work by other researchers who have made a contribution to the use of waste paper in both cementitious and noncementitious contexts. Modern paper manufacture uses either virgin pulp from vegetable matter or a combination of virgin pulp and recycled pulp. As resources become scarcer, the pursuance and utilization of natural, industrial and agricultural waste, byproduct and/or marginal materials undoubtedly will increase. As these waste streams increasingly become depleted, focus is shifting gradually toward the efficient use of the remaining or emergent waste streams. This chapter is aimed at showcasing one such example of future development in construction.

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TeitlSustainability in Construction Materials
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