Stratigraphical distribution of platinum-group minerals in the Eastern Layered Series, Rum, Scotland

M. R. Power, D Pirrie, Jens C. O. Andersen, AR Butcher

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Abundant and diverse platinum-group minerals (PGM) occur throughout the Tertiary layered intrusion on Rum. Scotland. In this paper we document the distribution of PGM within the Eastern Layered Series (ELS) on Rum. which comprises 16 alternating units of olivine-dominant feldspathic peridotite grading to plagioclase-dominant allivalite. The PGM occur in six main chrome-spinel layers in the Eastern Layered Series and are clearly associated with minor concentrations of interstitial sulphides. Common PGM phases include: Pd-Cu alloys, Pt-Fe alloys, native Pt, laurite, moncheite. sperrylite, isomertiete, cooperite and braggite along with a large number of other less common arsenide, bismuthotelluride and sulphide phases. Analyses of the discrete chromitite layers yield up to Sigma PGE + Au 2618 ppb. Although present throughout the 750-m-thick ELS. there are clear stratigraphical changes in the PGM assemblage. The presence of PGM in the ELS on Rum are interpreted as being caused by mantle melting associated with the proto-Icelandic 'hot spot', followed by localised concentration because of the combined effects of magma mixing, sulphide-silicate liquid immiscibility and fractional crystallisation. Most of the PGM are magmatic in origin but some grains show evidence of hydrothermal alteration.

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Tudalennau (o-i)762-775
Nifer y tudalennau14
CyfnodolynMineralium Deposita
Rhif cyhoeddi8
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StatwsCyhoeddwyd - Tach 2000

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