Storyboarding the Postgraduate International Student Experience in New UK University Students

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Introduction: International students represent around half of all postgraduate students studying in the UK, and these numbers are increasing. Research suggests on arrival to the UK international students are often not adequately prepared for study and experience challenges living and studying in a new environment. This has negative consequences on their ability to settle and do well in their programme. Arrival in the UK is an important time for students but research identifying postgraduate student concerns or how to support students is limited. Postgraduate students need to feel welcomed and supported at their university as student satisfaction contributes to promoting Wales as a desirable academic destination bringing cultural enrichment and local economic benefits.
Methods: A qualitative, participatory storyboarding approach with 84 international postgraduate students commencing an allied health professions programme. The storyboards explore student experiences before, and during, the first six weeks of UK arrival identifying concerns, and what helps students to settle into a programme.
Results: Participant concerns before UK arrival are different to those six weeks into a programme. Before arrival concerns are more practical. Concerns six weeks into a programme focus on academic study. What helps students to settle into a programme is identified.
Discussion: This study identifies what helps international students to settle into a programme of study. Recommendations for universities and local communities on how to support new international students are stated based on participant-identified concerns and solutions.
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StatwsCyhoeddwyd - 6 Gorff 2022
DigwyddiadWISERD annual conference 2022 - Swansea University, Swansea Wales
Hyd: 6 Gorff 20227 Gorff 2022


CynhadleddWISERD annual conference 2022

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