Smart City Patterns: Creating environmental stylesheets to template ‘inclusivity’ on Cardiff Bay Barrage

Alice Entwistle, Fiona Carroll, Inga Burrows, Nathan Thomas, John Ware, Gareth Loudon

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From parks to shopping areas, smart technologies are
being used throughout our cities to inform, guide and even persuade us into certain experiences. In terms of the technologies (and their usage), the emphasis is now very much on the mobile device and mobile applications that provide us with the digital media time to interact and share. Moreover, what we are increasingly witnessing and experiencing is how this mobile experience can fully absorb and disconnect us from the environment around us. The authors of this paper want to re-focus the actual role of the environment in the design of the smart city experiences. Integrating site-specific artworks with smart technologies, the goal of this research is to put the emphasis back into the environment as a place where everyone
can engage and enjoy regardless of ability and/ or disability. This
paper reports on the early conceptual stages of the Cardiff Bay
Barrage project. It will highlight how the work (thinking and feeling) of artists, computer scientists, writers and engineers in alignment with the needs of industrial partners Cardiff Council and Philips Lighting Ltd. can bring ‘inclusivity’ to the experience of all/any visitors to Cardiff Bay Barrage. This paper presents the ‘pattern making’ process involved in the preparation for gathering and validating of initial requirements to support the overall design for this inclusive experience.
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Teitl2017 IEEE International Symposium on Technology in Society (ISTAS) Proceedings
GolygyddionPaul Cunningham, Miriam Cunningham
CyhoeddwrInstitute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
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ISBN (Electronig)978-1-5386-0487-8
ISBN (Argraffiad)978-1-5386-0487-8
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StatwsCyhoeddwyd - 19 Maw 2018
DigwyddiadIEEE 2017 International Symposium on Technology and Society: From Good Ideas to Practical Solutions - The Sydney Boulevard Hotel, Sydney, NSW, Australia , Sydney, Awstralia
Hyd: 9 Awst 201711 Awst 2017

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ISSN (Electronig)2158-3412


CynhadleddIEEE 2017 International Symposium on Technology and Society
Teitl crynoISTAS 2017

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