Silver Linings of Teaching in the Time of Covid-19

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Much has been made of the negatives of the current circumstances but there have been positives witnessed in general society. The same could be stated for education with clear downsides for some but also some unexpected positives, often as a result of using technology effectively. Certain inequalities that exist within education have been highlighted and this can be utilised when it is business as usual, whatever that may mean. The reliance on IT equipment, software, internet access and computer skills is taken for granted in education. With all students now being taught remotely, any shortfall in these areas has been thrown into the light. The irony is these IT accessibility issues would always have existed for these students, with little to no thought on how to right these inequalities when face to face teaching was occurring. Engagement in online lectures is often seen as being poor however other methods of engagement may increase. One major awareness raising element may be the increased recognition of everyone’s personal circumstances and how this has aided relationship building which is crucial for successful education. This presentation aims to demonstrate these benefits and establish what the future may hold, aided with input from the real experts; the students.
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StatwsCyhoeddwyd - 15 Gorff 2020

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