1. 2020
  2. The Risks of Voluntary Interviews

    Pierpoint, H. & Musgrove, N., 1 Meh 2020, (Wedi’i dderbyn/Yn y wasg) Yn : Criminal Law Review. 6

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  3. Open innovation, ambidextrous organizations and innovation ecosystems: a typology of implications of metaphor for innovation in theory and practice

    Stephens, V. & Liu, Z., Meh 2020, Society of Open Innovation: Technology, Market, Complexity.

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  4. Evaluation of the Impact of ALN Transformation Work in South-East Wales

    Hutt, M., Conn, C., Drew, S., Haycock, R. & Mahoney, N., 31 Mai 2020, 27 t.

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  5. Simulation of integrated novel PSA / EHP/C process for high- pressure hydrogen recovery from Coke Oven Gas

    Van Acht, S., Laycock, C., Carr, S., Maddy, J., Guwy, A., Lloyd, G. & Raymakers, L., 29 Mai 2020, Yn : International Journal of Hydrogen Energy. 45, 30, t. 15196-15212 17 t., HE-D-19-06587R1.

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  6. Afghanistan: stuttering peace process leaves out millions displaced by 40 years of war

    Ayobi, M. Y., Wardak, A. & Williams, K., 28 Mai 2020, The Conversation .

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  7. Optofluidic in-fiber on-line ethanol sensing based on graphene oxide integrated hollow optical fiber with suspended core

    Gao, D., Yang, X., Teng, P., Kong, D., Liu, Z., Yang, J., Luo, M., Li, Z., Wen, X., Yuan, L., Li, K. & Copner, N., 25 Mai 2020, Yn : Optical Fiber Technology. 58, t. 102250

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  8. Youth and Policy: Contexts and Consequences

    Williamson CVO CBE FRSA FHEA, D. H., 23 Mai 2020, Routledge. 251 t. (Routledge Revivals )

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  9. Effect of temperature and SCM on the compressive strength of oilwell cementitious system

    Kinuthia, J., Amucheazi, N. & Oti, J., 22 Mai 2020, (Anfonwyd).

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  10. From Sheep to Sugar - Wales and the Slave Trade

    Evans, C. & Millman, L., 22 Mai 2020, The Journal for Weavers, Spinners & Dyers, 274, t. 17-19 3 t.

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  11. ‘It’s basically everywhere’. Young Adults’ Perceptions of Gambling Advertising in the UK

    Torrance, J., Roderique-Davies, G., Thomas, S., Davies, N. & John, B., 22 Mai 2020, (Anfonwyd) Yn : Health Promotion International.

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