Review of Dispensing Volumes in Community Pharmacies

Jeremy Felvus, Mark Llewellyn, Jonathan Richards, Malcolm Prowle

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This review was commissioned by the Welsh Government to undertake a review of dispensing volumes in community pharmacies across Wales. The overall purpose of the study was to consider whether it is feasible to reduce prescription volume in primary care in Wales through practical changes to prescribing and dispensing arrangements; and whether such changes would release significant amounts of pharmacist time to provide direct care. In the light of these two objectives, the review considered five key questions:

1. What measures are already in place across Wales, or outside Wales, which result in a reduction in the volume of primary care prescriptions?
2. To what extent do we anticipate such measures would reduce prescription volumes in Wales?
3. What do relevant stakeholders see as the benefits of implementing the changes with the highest impact? What dis-benefits may be identified by stakeholders?
4. Is the time released by such changes likely to be material in increasing community pharmacists’ time to provide clinical care?
5. What, if any, are the barriers to making the change? What are the enablers to making the change?
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Corff comisiynuWelsh Government
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StatwsCyhoeddwyd - Ion 2022

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