Reducing Homicide: Summary of a review of the possibilities

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    This report explores the potential for reducing homicide in the UK. It draws upon data from the Homicide Index, international research on homicide, and the general crime reduction literature. The full report, RDS OLR 01/03 can be accessed at Homicide is highly diverse in its characteristics, causes and dynamics, so effective strategies to reduce it are likely to require tailoring to different types of homicide. Most attention in this paper is focused on four specific categories of homicide.
    The categories were identified on the basis that (a) they are recognisable as relatively distinct and homogeneous kinds of homicide, each with its own set of ‘typical’ characteristics; (b) they are large numerically; (c) they cover both ‘domestic’ and ‘street’ offences, and homicides with predominantly male as
    well as predominantly female victims; and (d) they appear from the existing literature to offer some scope for preventive action. The chosen categories are:
    ● Women killed by their male partners, current or former
    ● Infants (below one year) killed by parents/step-parents or intimates
    ● Alcohol-related homicides, especially in and around licensed premises
    ● Homicides involving guns and knives (especially ‘on the street’)
    Between them, these categories account for in the region of two-thirds of all homicides. In addition, a short section addresses the special risks of victimisation connected with particular types of job or profession.
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    CyhoeddwrResearch Development and Statistics Directorate, Home Office
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    CyfrolRDS Occasional Paper No. 84
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    StatwsCyhoeddwyd - 2003

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