Qualitative Research in Criminology

Fiona Brookman, Lesley Noaks, Emma Wincup

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    The broad aim of this book is to critically review how qualitative methods can be deployed in the area of criminology. A common theme throughout is that while qualitative research can help to provide valid and meaningful information on criminological issues, researchers need to reflect upon the methodological and ethical dimensions to their work. Subject areas covered in the volume include the 1963 Public Order Act, deconstructing homicide data, violence against the police, bodybuilding as a drug subculture, indecent exposure, women in crisis, police culture, private policing, organized crime in Mexico, and victims of fraud.
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    CyhoeddwrAshgate Publishing
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    ISBN (Argraffiad)978-1840145717
    StatwsCyhoeddwyd - 28 Mai 1999

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    EnwCardiff Papers in Qualitative Research
    CyhoeddwrAshgate Publishing

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