Preventing radicalisation and enhancing disengagement in the european union

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This chapter examines the European Union (EU) efforts to tackle radicalisation. The specific formulation of its title reflects the EU’s emphasis on preventing radicalisation. The chapter discusses the EU’s efforts to address radicalisation in the wider context of its counter-terrorism policy. It presents the evolution of EU counter-terrorism cooperation in both its policy and institutional dimensions for the benefit of readers who may not be familiar with the EU’s role in counter-terrorism. The chapter aims to offer some reflections on assessing the effectiveness of the EU’s measures aiming to address radicalisation. One of the key actions for tackling online terrorist content has been the establishment of the EU Internet Forum in 2015, which gathers participants, notably online platforms, on a voluntary basis. The EU institutions, the European Commission in particular, have regularly expressed the belief that research plays a crucial role in preventing and countering radicalisation.

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TeitlRoutledge Handbook of Deradicalisation and Disengagement
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