Presents /Presence

Rea Dennis, Miranda Magda

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Presents // Presence
Of giving and receiving // Of giving and taking // Of exchanges
Reciprocity // Mutuality // Expectations.
A performance of liveness in which the presence of the performer is interrogated.
Drawing on Dan Graham’s (1974) Two Consciousness Project (see slide attached), Presents plays on Object = Space relationships. In a contemporary engagement with notions of thinking and consciousness, the performance plays with time - the here and now, the passage of time, time zones, and timing.

Lovers. An anniversary. Fine Dining. Distance. Skype.

Presents disrupt subject positions integrates of the audience, the performer; something happens while we are waiting for something else to happen. Live static sculptures act as photographic documents of what was once present. We wait for what might soon be present.

Through the use portable computers and hand-held (smart) devices for the capture and ‘projection’ of action in real time, Presents engages with notions live and remote, absence and presence, the play of embodied transmission and live performance and the perception of absence.

Lembrança UK is Rea Dennis (an Australian) and Magda Miranda (a Brazilian), established in 2007 the company make live performance from shards of memory and autobiographical fragments. From epic pieces like Train Tracks and Rooftops that played in USA, UK and Australia [2010] to moving installations such as ‘Guantanamo Presence’ [Manchester Hazard 2012] Lembrança's seeks to engage audiences in questioning who they are!
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StatwsCyhoeddwyd - 5 Ebr 2013

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