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This record is a portfolio list of the work that constitutes the elements of the portfolio relating to the multiple outputs called 'Performing Journeys'.
1. Guide to Porfolio
2. Performing Journeys, India and Wales tour (2020) - compilation of the performance on tour.
3. Performing Journeys, Chapter Arts Centre Cardiff, 2019.
4. Performing Journeys, Khasi National Dorbar Hall, Shillong, India, 2019.
Further contextual material:
5. Performing the Archive, Atrium Studio Theatre, Cardiff, 2018.
6. Folder of workshops (selection)
7. Further documentation on devising (folder), 2019.
Performing Journeys is a Performance (and major output of The Leverhulme Trust funded project, 'Welsh and Khasi Cultural Dialogues: An Interdisciplinary Arts and Performance Project'; an intermedial and mutlilingual (Welsh, English, Khasi). Directed by Lisa Lewis, film by Aparna Sharma (UCLA), music by Gareth Bonello and Benedict Hynñiewta, with performers Rhys ap Trefor and Lapdiang Syiem. Initial performances: Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff 2019; Khasi National Dorbar Hall, 2019. Performances in India as part of India-Wales tour 2020: Indian Museum Kolkata; Kolkata International Book Fair; Thomas Jones College, Jowai, Jaiñtia Hills; Jiva Resort, Sohra, Khasi Hills; Synod College, Shillong, Khasi Hills; Ambedkar University, Delhi.
8. website:
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  • Welsh, Khasi

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